Food and pregnancy: what to avoid Exclusive Latest Select

It’s known now: during pregnancy we eat for two, so our diet changes as well.
But what is best to eat for the baby and ourselves, doubts always remain.
Here is a list to guide you through your pregnancy.


Raw/Undercooked meat

We should all cook well our meat but especially pregnant women. Toxoplasmosis lives in raw meat and this parasite can be bad for your baby. To avoid any risk, avoid undercooked meat like sausages or mince meat, but also raw cured meat like salami.


Unpasteurized milk and dairy products 

Milk we find in supermarkets are pasteurized, but the ones you can find in farms aren’t. So avoid them or boil them to suppress any risk of toxoplasmosis, listeriosis and Campylobacter.

Food and pregnancy: what to avoid Exclusive Latest Select

Liver and foods containing vitamin A

All liver products should be avoided by pregnant women (liver pâté, sausage,etc…) because of the high level of vitamin A it contains, harmful for your baby. It goes without saying then that multivitamins, fish liver oils, food with added vitamin A are prohibited as well.


Yes, this is very sad but pâté is not good when you’re pregnant. And to add to this, it’s not only valid for meat pâté, but also vegetable pâté. Why? Because pâté may contain listeria, causing an infection called listeriosis, very bad for the baby during the pregnancy but can also cause severe illness when he.she will be born.


Food and pregnancy: what to avoid Exclusive Latest Select

Some cheeses

Another very sad news… But don’t despair, they’re aren’t all prohibited, just a few! Because of listeria, mould-ripened soft cheeses like brie or camembert are banned, same for soft blue-veined cheeses like Roquefort and gorgonzola. Probably the sadest news you’d have as a pregnant woman…

Undercooked ready meals

Another risk of listeria is present in ready meals. That’s why it’s very important to be sure that the meal is piping hot before eating it, be even more careful with the ones containing poultry.

Raw eggs or undercooked eggs

If you’re craving for eggs, make sure yolks and whites are solid when you cook them. In cooked recipes, eggs are safe, but not used raw like in mayonnaise or mousse. You’ll avoid salmonella infection this way, really bad for your baby but also you. Bye dear deviled eggs…

Some fishes

Even if you’re not pregnant you need to be careful about fishes. You should avoid shark, swordfish and marlin, because of their high levels of mercury, very bad for your baby’s nervous system. Same for tuna, this one is known for its high level in mercury, so try to stick to two fresh steaks or four mediums cans of tinned tuna. Oily fishes are also to limit,such as salmon, sardines or trout: you should eat no more than two portions a week because of the pollutants they contain. And last but not least, you should avoid eating raw shellfish like oysters because of the risk of food poisoning ! But don’t worry, cooked shellfish are authorized, such as pre-cooked prawns.

Food and pregnancy: what to avoid Exclusive Latest Select


This one is pretty obvious but there’s some info you might not know. Like that you can have one or two glasses once or twice a week maximum after the first three months of pregnancy! We told you that was some breaking news! Joke aside, experts are still not sure that any amount of alcohol is safe, so technically, avoid to drink for your baby’s safety.


Limit your consumption of tea, coffee, cola and other soft drink, but also chocolate! You shouldn’t have more than 200mg a day of caffeinated food or drink. It can happen quickly, so be very careful as caffeine can cause miscarriage and low birth weight!

If you have any of these foods/drinks and you don’t feel ill, that’s a good sign, and don’t worry, but a doctor’s advice is always good!